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Plans for 2024 - EMP

Plans for 2024 – Email Marketing Platform


Dear Clients, 

The year 2024 is passing very quickly and it is marked by many changes in the email automation industry. During this period, we are undertaking a range of actions, including more than 14 initiatives, to ensure our product meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals more easily and quickly. 

Below, I have selected for you some of our most important plans for 2024: 

UX/UI Improvements 

Our plans focus on improving the user experience and user interface (UX/UI) to ensure even more intuitive and efficient use of our platform. We plan to introduce a series of improvements that will make creating messages incredibly simple and fast. 

Users will gain easier access to saving message templates using the drag-and-drop editor, which will significantly speed up the content creation process. We are placing a strong emphasis on bulk operations in the context of selecting or deleting multiple messages, aimed at increasing work efficiency with large amounts of data. Additionally, we intend to introduce improvments related to the "description" and "last edited" fields, so that users can better manage their projects and have greater control over the editing process. 

These and other planned initiatives are in response to the needs of our users and our goal is to make their daily work with our software easier.  

Improving onboarding process 

We are paying special attention to improving the onboarding process so that new users can adapt more quickly and easily to our system. We realize how crucial it is for the initial steps in new software to be as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible, hence we plan to introduce a series of enhancements. 

  • Firstly, we will increase the amount of information available to customers at the initial stage of using the system. Greater transparency and access to a knowledge base aim not only to speed up the adaptation process but also to increase user trust in our software.
  • We will introduce special reporting tools for Account Managers (AMs) so they can better support new clients during the initial implementation phase. These tools will allow for monitoring progress and identifying potential challenges that users may face. 
  • The next step is the optimization of implementation planning. We want every new user to feel that the onboarding process is tailored to their individual needs and capabilities, making the onboarding not only faster but also more effective.
  • We plan to introduce contextual support during the onboarding process, which will help users understand how to best utilize the available features in specific cases. 
  • We intend to refresh our tutorials and documentation. The goal is not only to update information but also to ensure that these materials are as accessible and helpful as possible for users at every level of expertise. 

These planned changes aim not only to facilitate system access for new users but also to provide them with the support and resources necessary for effective use of our platform. 


We are introducing webhooks as a key improvement to our platform. Webhooks are a tool that enables automatic communication between different applications or services in response to specific events. This will allow users to receive real-time notifications about various events, such as opening an email, clicking a link, subscribing to, or unsubscribing from a mailing list. This enables the automation of many processes and better integration with other systems that you, our clients, use. 

The use of webhooks significantly streamlines processes that would otherwise require manual oversight, while also reducing the risk of errors. Webhooks open up new possibilities for personalization and quick response to recipient actions. This solution greatly enhances the execution of many marketing tasks, saving time and increasing the efficiency of your activities. 

More Predefined Components 

We are increasing the number of predefined components, such as segments and workflows, which will be even more easily accessible to users. This aims to provide access to proven practices and facilitate the building of effective email campaigns. As a result, you will be able to create advanced marketing campaigns more quickly, using ready-to-use, optimal solutions, significantly enhancing their effectiveness. 

Further Implementations of AI 

We are intensifying the use of AI to analyze message content, assess potential effectiveness (email content scoring), and identify elements that could be flagged as spam (spam assassin check). Our tools will also offer advice on how to improve content to increase its appeal and conversion rates. Thanks to data analysis and continuous suggestions, users will be able to create better, more engaging messages that effectively reach their recipients. 

Warm-Up IP 

The last but equally important element of our plans is to facilitate the process of bulk message sending through a dedicated IP warm-up functionality. This process is essential for building and maintaining a good reputation of the sending server, which directly affects email deliverability. Users who start sending a large volume of correspondence will be able to use tools that automatically and gradually increase the number of messages sent, which will prevent them from being marked as spam and ensure high deliverability from the start. 

Thank you for being with us! I am glad that we can be your partner as ExpertSender in achieving marketing success. 

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