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Plans for 2024 ExpertSender Email Marketing Platform (EMP)

Data Management & Analytics

Dive deep into how your e-commerce performs. Generate easy-to-interpret reports to detail your progress and inform your decisions.

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ready-to-use templates


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Customer Profile 360°

Gain insights from highly granular customer journeys

Get a full picture of who each of your customers are, what they like and what they want to target them with highly relevant personalized campaigns that convert.

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Live tracking

Learn what your customers are looking for to target them with highly personalized messages in real-time.

A/B testing

Leverage our robust testing module to evaluate your assumptions and base your decisions on solid data.

Consent management

Use our built-in tool to protect customer privacy and avoid breaking GDPR & CCPA regulations.


Overview your e-commerce performance in real-time

Easily access key stats on your customers, number of transactions and generated income to keep an eye on your e-business.

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Insightful reports

Generate highly relevant reports on the fly

Stay informed about current performance of your e-store using easy-to-follow reports and increase your sales.

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RFM analysis

Leverage the power of predictive analytics

Provide customers with only relevant recommendations, taking into account the frequency and value of their previous purchases.

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“Thanks to engaging the subscribers with customized content and the automation of communication with clients in the lifecycle, we were able to turn our new sub-brand project into a resounding success. Choosing ExpertSender has been the best decision we could make.”

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Success Story

CTR and CVR increased by over 30% thanks to marketing automation

Learn how our client, coffee e-commerce MK Fresh, increased their click-through rate and conversion rate by over 30% using our marketing automation.

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Customer Data Platform

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