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ExpertSender Agency Partner Program

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Our program is designed for full-service agencies, marketing agencies, and email boutiques.
Partner with ExpertSender and deliver your customers solutions that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Multiuser management

Manage all your customers from one enterprise-level Multichannel Marketing Hub

Define different permission levels for your team members and manage multiple Business Units.

Flexible permission management of ESP software - ExpertSender
Reporting for email marketing campaigns

Let the numbers help you understand your client’s customer behavior

Implement actionable strategies that improve campaign and overall program performance. Automate custom reports, send the results to your customers and export them for further analysis.

Dynamic Content

Give customers a personalized experience with dynamic content

Send 1-to-1 communications that leverage a subscriber’s behavioral & demographic attributes. Dynamic code allows you to customize graphics, messages, offers, and helps you remain relevant to your customers.

Personalized email campaigns for travel industry

Why partner with ExpertSender?

Dedicated pricing

Dedicated pricing for your agency

Personalized training

Personalized training

Professional onboarding

Professional onboarding

dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

Industry leading know-how

Industry leading know-how & support

Short setup time

Short implementation time – 3 days