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ExpertSender is developed and managed by top talents

We have over 100 employees in 4 offices on 3 continents.

Our team includes experienced developers, enthusiastic marketing and sales specialists, keen analysts and project managers, and dedicated account managers.

We have over 13 years of experience in designing effective customer journeys and marketing campaigns.

We have a „no tickets” policy

You will always speak with a real person, as there’s a person behind everything we do:

  • Krzysztof Jarecki
  • Anna Flis
  • Jakub Szudejko

Customer Success & Account Management

  • Ewa Wójcicka
    Global Client Service Manager/ Customer Success & Account Management Team Leader
  • Martyna Remiszewska
    Senior Marketing Automation Manager
  • Natalia Paluszkiewicz
    Account Manager
  • Katarzyna Piegat
    Senior Marketing Automation Manager
  • Kamil Olszewski
    Senior e-commerce Manager
  • Paula Jeruzal
    Account Manager
  • Martyna Jońska
    Account Manager
  • Łukasz Drobnik
    Senior E-commerce Manager
  • Agnieszka Tywoniuk
    Account Manager
  • Weronika Śmigielska
    Account Manager
  • Paulina Krawczyk
    Account Manager
  • Ievgen Logvinov
    Account Manager

Deliverability & Compliance / Data Protection

  • Michał Kidoń
    Deliverability & Compliance Team Leader / DPO

Business Development / Sales

  • Piotr Czynsz
    Head of Sales
    and Business Development
  • Malwina Pobłocka
    New Business Specialist
  • Paweł Szatkowski
    Business Development Manager
  • Marta Wawrzyniak
    Sales Manager
  • Filip Kutyła
    New Business Specialist


  • Milena Przybilska
    Marketing Director
  • Jakub Kowalik
    Graphic Designer
    & Front-end Developer

Product Management

  • Agnieszka
    Product Manager
  • Jakub Konieczny
    Product Manager
  • Aneta Kuźmińska
    Business Analyst
  • Jacek Suski
    UX/UI Designer

IT Team

  • Marcin Budziński
    Development Team Manager
  • Bartłomiej Świątek
    IT Administration Leader
  • Tomasz Jaskólski
    IT Administrator
  • Adrian Sławiński
    System Administrator
  • Mateusz Nostitz-Jackowski
    Application Developer
  • Kazimierz Szadkowski
    Application Developer
  • Marcin Synak
    Application Developer
  • Anna Gardocka
    Application Developer
  • Michał Dzienisz
    Application Developer
  • Krzysztof Olszer
    Application Developer
  • Marcin Łukaszuk
    Application Developer
  • Artur Gruchała
    Application Developer
  • Tomasz Graul
    QA Specialist
  • Malwina Tuzimek
    QA Specialist