How to use summer low season to get ready for the fall shopping madness?

recording of webinar from July 29, 2020

Experiencing the low season and not sure what to do with all that time you have? Just because it's summer and people don't buy as much online doesn't mean that you have to sit and do nothing! They will come back online as soon as the summer is over and they will be spending money, so make sure you've used this time to get ready for that.

Join our free webinar with Douglas Patfield, Global Client Services Manager at ExpertSender, to take advantage of the low season and learn how to:

  • Smartly consolidate and organize your data for future use in personalized campaigns.
  • Keep your product-related content fresh, complete and up-to-date.
  • Build a solid email marketing strategy for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Review and improve user-friendliness of your entire sales process.
  • Clear out old inventory and make room for your new expanded product range.
  • Build trust by collecting customer testimonials and trust signals.
  • Get your staff up to speed on your improvements and strategy for the busy season.

Your Host

Douglas Patfield, Global Client Services Manager at ExpertSender, has been working for the ecommerce businesses across North American, European and Asian markets for over a decade now. He is responsible for ensuring people and tech meet in an effective and efficient way to produce profitability in each office branch across the entire globe.

The webinar is 50 minutes long and there is a Q&A session at the end where Doug is answering questions.

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