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Learn how Mitsubishi has adopted multichannel marketing automation to move prospects down the sales funnel


Key Features

These will allow you to do more business across channels.

Lead Scoring

Use lead scoring to track and measure your prospects’ progress through the sales funnel.

Webform Abandonment

Recover more customers by reminding them about abandoned webforms.

Automated Customer Service

Send automated messages through the entire customer lifecycle to provide service that builds their loyalty.

Data-Driven Segmentation & Personalization

Use behavioral and demographic data to send content relevant to their driving needs.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Deliver timely messages with content relevant for each stage of the purchasing lifecycle.

SMS Updates & Reminders

Send your customers personalized communications about their test drives, upcoming appointments and other recommendations.

A/B Tests

Find content that resonates with your customers the most using strategic split testing.

Dynamic Content

Make their customer experience even more personalized with advanced customization.


Understand your customers' preferences to grow revenue with personalized communication.