Deliver an experience that
boosts your Ecommerce revenue with Marketing Automation

The experience you create for your customers
will determine whether or not they come back to you.

ExpertSender’s eCommerce contextualization & personalization allows you to deliver superior shopping experiences across web, email and mobile.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Win back customers by reducing abandoned shopping carts

Recover lost revenue with our Ecommerce Marketing Automation by targeting customers that abandoned shopping carts across the web, email and mobile channels.

Product view abandonment for eCommerce industry
Product View Abandonment

Reduce product view abandonment and win back customers

Encourage customers to purchase products they have already expressed interest in by sending ‘Recently Viewed’ recommendations.

Price Drop Notifications

Recover more customers with price drop notifications

Entice customers back to your website with notifications about lower product prices after they leave your website and increase sales.

Price Drop Notification for eCommerce industry
Segmentation in email marketing for eCommerce

Some customers spend more

Make use of customer purchasing and behavioral data to ensure all of your customers receive highly relevant offers that correspond with their customer profile.

Transactional Messages

Transactional messages get opened

Confirmation messages for customer purchases give you a great deal of contextual information about a customer’s behavior and habits. Make use of this contextual data to enhance their experience and increase your cross and upsells.

Transactional message for travel industry
Marketing automation in email marketing
Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Automate all the phases of the purchasing lifecycle

The customer purchasing process isn’t linear. Create automated messages that are relevant to your customer’s purchasing phase and inspire purchases through multiple touch points in predefined scenarios.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Boost sales with relevant messages that resonate with customers

Ensure your customers receive timely, personalized and relevant messages with dynamic content that will help you increase conversions and grow your revenue.

Personalized email campaigns for travel industry
Personalized SMS Campaigns

Cover all bases with SMS

Give shoppers what they want with a personalized experience based on their behavior. Not all customers behave the same, they have different needs and preferences. Send SMS communications about limited offers or flash sales to customers that are more receptive to SMS or when other channels aren’t converting.

Email & SMS Product Recommendations

Increase AOV and sales with product recommendations

Deepen engagement with compelling product recommendations. Let ExpertSender find the most effective strategy to maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Engage your customers with effective push communications, ensuring they get the most relevant product recommendations at the most appropriate time. ExpertSender will help you convert on those cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Email and SMS product recommendations for eCommerce
Reporting for email marketing campaigns

Let the numbers help you understand customer purchasing preferences

Understand customer behavior so that you can implement actionable strategies that will improve marketing campaign and overall program performance, and help you increase sales.

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