Build lifetime long customer relationships that last

Customers will stay loyal when you provide them with exceptional customer service.

Trigger automated communications to prospective customers for test rides, give them the right accessories and nurture customers until they’re ready for the next model.

Webform Abandonment

Recover abandoned webforms and book more test drives

A partially completed or abandoned webform means fewer customers visiting your dealerships. Help customers finish what they started by sending them reminders to complete an abandoned webform. Get more customers into your salons.

Webfrom abandonment email for financial and banking industry
Segmentation in email marketing for eCommerce

Because automotive needs differ

Make use of your customer behavioral, sales and demographic data. Ensure that all of your customers receive content relevant to their current and future driving needs.

Lead Scoring

Purchasing an automobile is a big decision. Drive marketing effectiveness with lead scoring

Identify what car your customers might be interested in, when they might like a test drive and when they are ready to buy it. Deliver messages that are relevant to their purchasing readiness.

Lead scoring in email marketing
Marketing automation in email marketing
Marketing Automation

Automation for the automotive industry

Loyal customers stay that way when provided with outstanding customer service. Cater to their needs through the entire customer lifecycle, giving them the appropriate financing, accessories, and even predictive assistance like service reminders.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Personalization, your driver of relevancy

Send personalized campaigns that are relevant to each of your customers’ needs. They all drive different models of cars with different configurations. They might need it for family reasons, vacations or business. Help them upgrade or replace more regularly with relevant personalization.

Personalized email campaigns for travel industry
Personalized SMS Campaigns

Get better consumption with SMS

Give your customers what they want using personalized experience based on their behavior. Not all customers behave the same, having different needs and preferences. Send SMS communications about test drives to customers that are more receptive to SMS or when other channels aren’t converting.

Email & SMS Product Recommendations

Increase AOV and sales with product recommendations

Deepen engagement with compelling product recommendations. Let ExpertSender find the most effective strategy to maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Engage your customers with effective push communications, ensuring they get the most relevant product recommendations at the most crucial time. ExpertSender can help you convert on those cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Email and SMS product recommendations for eCommerce
Reporting for email marketing campaigns

Make the numbers add up. Understand customer driving preferences

Increase customer lifetime value by understanding their driving preferences and implement actionable strategies that will improve marketing campaign along with overall program performance.

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