Message Content Features

Drag & Drop message content editor

Create responsive message content from the scratch without any HTML coding skills. Drag, drop and compose together message content elements such as: boxes, columns, titles, text, images, buttons, dividers and Dynamic Content code. Decide which of the elements should be presented differently or completely hidden on mobile devices. The creatives built using the editor are compatible with over 90% of all the desktop, mobile and web email clients.

Regular message content editor

Alternative for the Drag & Drop editor. Works similarly as the popular text editors (e.g. Microsoft Word). Allows for editing the HTML code and/or plain text. Ideal for pasting ready HTML code and quick edits of the text and graphic content.


Send messages individualized for every subscriber with an unlimited number of custom properties that can be used in the body of email, subject line of the From fields, e.g. name, address, age, etc.

Dynamic content

Increase relevance and impact of 1-to-1 communication with conditional message content based on particular properties of your subscribers. Customize graphics, messages, offers, links, etc., with dynamic content syntax and programming language.

Remote content

ExpertSender lets you embed content from remote websites. Create content on an external server and the system will automatically upload it. Consequently, one template may be filled with new content every time the message is sent.

Default custom field values

Ability to set default custom field values. When using message personalization or segmentation, the default value would be used for all subscribers who didn’t have the particular custom field value set initially.

Attached images

Attach images to newsletters so they are sent out embedded in the messages rather than pulled from an external server when the message is opened. It assures images are properly displayed at all times.

File attachments in transactional emails

The platform allows to attach personalized individual attachments to transactional emails (e.g. PDF invoices).

Blind carbon copy

Sending a BCC of messages sent to each recipient in a given campaign can be extremely useful for archiving the exact content of the most important emails, such as transactional emails.

Image repository for messages

Create folders to store and organize images to be used in templates. Especially effective while reusing newsletter content and storing multiple images related to past and future issues.

Automatic image hosting

As an alternative to attaching images, ExpertSender™ can automatically upload them to an internal server and change the original HTML code of the message, so the images are downloaded when the message is opened.

Links using client’s domain

All links within the message content are masked with unique client’s domain.

View in browser link

Ability to add automatically generated links to view the message in a browser.

Unsubscribe link

Each message may contain an individual automatically generated unsubscribe link that will allow subscribers to stop their subscription at any time.

Personalized unsubscription page

It’s possible to have the subscriber redirected to a predefined URL after the automatically generated unsubscribe link is clicked. This way the platform client may keep a consistent branding across the entire user interaction.

Loading content from file

Upload your content from a ZIP file. Note that ExpertSender™ automatically processes HTML and plain text contents, as well as all images to be embedded. All you have to do is upload a ZIP file to the system, or a Web server.

Headers & footers

Save unlimited header and footer templates. Then assign them to a new creative, with one click.

Blacklist checker

Fully automated real-time verification of domains used in the content against the most important blacklists. Allows you to proactively prevent bounces and avoid spam folders.

Dynamic Content versions preview

Test how a message using Dynamic Content will look like for specific recipients without actually sending test emails.

Message tags

Tag your messages to manage hundreds of mailings and use them to effectively segment recipients based on their actual engagement. You can also use tags to automate downloading reports via API.


Autosave your creatives as drafts at any point of their creation, and recover different stages and versions of one message, even those lost half-way through.

Google Analytics integration

Tag every link in your message for a detailed analysis of your click-through traffic with our fully automated Google Analytics integration.

Social media

Include "Like" for Facebook and Google Plus and "Tweet" for Twitter buttons in creatives. It's easy to use and fully trackable in reports.

Our Services

ExpertSender™ is more than an email marketing platform. We also provide a range of complimentary consulting services. Click to learn the details.

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