Email Campaign Message Types


Messages sent once at a given time to a selected group of recipients.


Schedule automatically dispatched daily follow-ups to all the newly subscribed to prove your engagement and build a lasting relationship. Save costs by managing fully automated email marketing campaigns with an unlimited number of scheduled messages and no time restrictions.


Preset condition/event based messages triggered by subscriber’s data update, a particular open, click, reaching a goal (conversion), date or anything else you require to be activated via API, e.g. online purchase, subscriber’s visit to your website.


Schedule customized calendar based repetitive messages, e.g. weekly offers, birthday messages. Scheduling is possible for selected hours on particular days of the week and/or days of the month.


Allow immediate dispatch of personalized transactional emails (for example: booking confirmations).

Confirmation emails

Automatically send fully customizable emails with confirmation links for confirmed opt-in lists. Set up to 2 confirmation reminders in the following days to boost the confirmation ratio.

Email message calendar

With this feature, you can preview communications in a calendar view for a given month, week or day. This is possible for all newsletters and recurring emails. You can also limit the scope of your calendar view by a list, message type or segment, and with tags.

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