Flexible configuration

Time zones

ExpertSender™ supports different time zones. Send emails and examine statistics, according to a time zone where your recipients are located.

Multiple business units

Manage all your brands with just 1 account, where each Business Unit is a stand-alone entity that lets you control separate subscriber lists, suppression lists, blacklists, as well as reputation and deliverability.

Multiple users

The system enables each user in your organization to have individual access to each Business Unit. It lets you distribute the work among your staff, as required.

Multiple permissions

To assure data safety and specialization each user can have access to different features of the ExpertSender™ platform depending on the role of the user in the organization.

Audit logs

These allow a customer to export a CSV of the Panel and API logs so that they can be further analyzed externally. The logs contain important information for each business unit about all the actions performed by all users. For example, at what time and which user edited the last message that was sent out.

Language versions

ExpertSender™ is available in the following language versions: English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Polish. Users can individually switch between the language versions.

User access log

Allows users to browse the login access history for each user that has access to specific business unit(s). The log automatically records details about all the past successful or failed login attempt, as well as the date/time, source IP address and its estimated geolocation (country, state, city) based on the user’s IP address.

Custom API keys

Custom API keys allow granting API access to a limited, predefined set of API methods. For example when users want to give their partners access for downloading only a certain set of statistics narrowed down to a specific campaign.

Our Services

ExpertSender™ is more than an email marketing platform. We also provide a range of complimentary consulting services. Click to learn the details.

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