ExpertSender Features and Capabilities

ExpertSender™ offers a comprehensive set of features for demanding and savvy email marketers. They are valued by our clients, as well as independent email service rankings.

Email campaign messages

Check out ExpertSender’s 6 message types. From bulk newsletters, automatic autoresponders, triggers and recurring messages, to confirmation and transactional emails.

SMS channel

Connect to your preferred SMS gateway and leverage powerful segmentation to target and send SMS campaigns to your subscribers.

Message content features

Manage HTML code and images used in email creatives with an advanced message content editor. Unlimited personalization capabilities allow designing email campaigns oriented at individual recipients.

Managing effectiveness of email campaigns

Use our content split tests and check how your messages score against anti-spam filters, and how they render in email clients. Next, deploy campaigns to your lists and segments with selected IP channels and throttling capabilities, then track conversions.

Marketing automation workflows

Automate customer life cycle by transforming sketches and mind maps of marketing campaigns into working scenarios with an easy-to-use interface. Drag, drop and interconnect elements on the workflow canvas to set up and execute individual communication routes for your subscribers.

Flexible configuration

Manage multiple Business Units and define different permission levels to the stored data for your team members. Additionally, users can choose from 5 interface languages.

Mailing list management

Create and import data to the following list types: subscriber, seed, suppression, and blacklist. Email addresses and corresponding data can be imported from CSV, TXT and Excel files.

Managing subscribers

Each email address can have unlimited number of defined custom fields. More complex data, such as the entire purchase history, can be stored in relational data tables. This data can be used for ultra-accurate targeting and content personalization.

Advanced subscriber segmentation

ExpertSender segmentation, voted the best among email providers globally, lets you dynamically group the subscribers based on an array of demographic and behavioral restrictions, without having to know the SQL syntax.


Managing lists and relational data tables, sending messages, comprehensive reporting are among selected features available at ExpertSender via API, without any functional limitations.

Task automation

Apart from API, the system allows updating the data on the lists with the recurring imports from the external HTTP and FTP servers.

Deliverability and authentication

By default, ExpertSender provides and handles the following services on your behalf: Dedicated IP Addresses, Full Authentication of Emails, Automated Bounce, Opt-out and Complaint Handling, and Constant Reputation Monitoring.

Reports and metrics

Analyze your campaign statistics in real-time, in every smallest detail. Interactive charts? Click map overlay? Email client usage? ExpertSender provides whatever is required.

Our Services

ExpertSender™ is more than an email marketing platform. We also provide a range of complimentary consulting services. Click to learn the details.

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