Social Games and Social Networks

With online games and social networks it's all about engaging the user, multiplying DAUs, MAUs and ultimately monetizing the traffic. ExpertSender has experience in handling the challenges that these new industries face in terms of effective communication.

Your ExpertSender advantages include:

  • In-application notifications API that will boost retention by getting users back on your site
  • Automated communication for welcome letters, anniversary messages, achievement emails and/or long-time-no-see notes
  • Proactive help from our account managers that will get you through the meanders of email deliverability, ISP escalations and best practices in the social communication world
  • Infrastructure set up to deploy millions of emails per day to make sure that they are delivered on time
  • Synchronization features that will save you time and assure that your user list matches the one in ExpertSender™
  • Precise segmentation that will make sure you get the right message to the right users
  • Content personalization that lets you populate the subscriber data in email templates and automatically receive content for individual subscribers with our dynamic content language
  • Support of multiple languages that will allow you to speak to your users in their language.

Request Convenient Demo of ExpertSender™

Learn about the ExpertSender power features during a dedicated online demo performed by experts in email marketing. Choose the most convenient time to discuss your company’s online marketing goals, and the ways to achieve them.

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