Email Marketing
Susbcriber Segmentation

In contemporary email marketing success is measured in clicks and opens. Those are related to fitting content. And relevance depends entirely on the proper segmentation of subscribers.

ExpertSender lets you best define the recipients for each mailing with intuitive easy-to-use segmentation interface, based on a mix of demographic, domain-oriented and behavioral rules.

The ExpertSender service will support your subscriber segmentation with:

  • natural language based dynamic segmentation tools
  • comprehensive analysis of subscribers' profiles
  • identifying the best properties to segment your subscribers with
  • creating segmentation scenarios with many logical expressions
  • management of changes in subscribers' properties
  • grouping recipients according to their domain family (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL) for better deliverability management
  • limiting the size of a segment for email creative testing
  • ability to track down and purge inactive subscribers
  • grouping and targeting active recipients only

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