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Email deliverability is the Key Performance Indicator in email marketing.

Because deliverability ratios are made up of multiple factors they pose a major challenge for all email marketers. Among the key issues that need to be carefully considered to ensure the best performance there are:

  • IP and domain reputation
  • email authentication
  • complaint rate
  • user unknown bounce rate
  • engagement metrics (i.e. opens, clicks)
  • content
  • mailing frequency
  • mailing speed
  • removal procedures

Email deliverability is an expert skill and shouldn’t be left to chance. It should be researched to apply proper solutions and measurement tools that facilitate insight into all the important aspects of deliverability.

ExpertSender provides a range of tactics to optimize your email deliverability:

  • review of the current deliverability status
  • SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys and DKIM authentication
  • independent reputation with your own set of sending IPs
  • independent reputation with your own sending domains
  • automatic bounce processing and detailed analysis
  • setup of Feedback Loop mechanisms on client’s behalf
  • automatic processing of complaints from major ISPs (Feedback Loops)
  • whitelisting procedures for eligible IPs/domains
  • postmaster direct communication on client’s behalf to deal with contingent issues
  • optional deliverability monitoring with the Return Path tools

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