Email Marketing
Campaign Management

ExpertSender is able to automate all the cumbersome processes to save time, while ensuring the highest level of security and trustworthiness as well as compliance with the industry best practices.

With ExpertSender’s know-how and technology you will:

  • receive tailored IP warm-up plan
  • automate updating your subscriber lists, suppression lists and blacklists
  • set automatic messages: triggered by action (i.e. clicking or opening a message), triggered by time (signup autoresponders, birthday emails, event reminders)
  • target each message with dynamically adjusting segments of subscribers
  • send 1-To-1 emails with personalization and Dynamic Content programming language
  • automate reporting for campaigns
  • manage leads and client life cycles

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Learn about the ExpertSender power features during a dedicated online demo performed by experts in email marketing. Choose the most convenient time to discuss your company’s online marketing goals, and the ways to achieve them.

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