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Our mission

We want to help contextualize and personalize multichannel customer communication in every business layer, from acquisition through to the sales process, reengagement and retention.

About ExpertSender

Founded in 2009 by AdTech and MarTech experts, ExpertSender developed an on-premises & cloud-based email service to solve the challenges of reliably delivering emails on behalf of fast growing businesses.

In 2018, ExpertSender responded to the needs of a changing market and became a multichannel marketing platform.

ExpertSender is responsible for sending +15 billion marketing messages each year for +1000 brands worldwide.

ExpertSender is an active member of several initiatives and organizations that define and promote best practices in marketing. These include the Email Experience Council, Email Sender & Provider Coalition and Signal Spam.


The development of our platform is supervised by a team of the best .NET brains on the market. They develop and maintain the platform to the highest possible level of quality. Their mantra is: scalability, sophistication, innovation.

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ExpertSender Around the World

Our customers are global. So is our team. We operate worldwide with offices in: Moscow, Beijing, Barcelona, São Paulo, and Gdynia (HQ).

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