SMS Channel

Send generic or hyper personalized SMS messages
to a selected group of recipients

Text messages get opened. Fast.

98% of text messages get opened within the first three minutes. Take advantage of this customer behavior to deliver timely messages that engage and complement your other marketing channels.

SMS Campaigns

Widen your reach with SMS

Give your audience what it wants with a personalized experience based on their behavior. Not all customers behave the same, they have different needs and preferences. Send time-sensitive SMS alerts & communications to customers that are more receptive to SMS or when other channels aren’t converting.

Advanced Segmentation

Stay relevant with behavioral based segmentation

Segment subscribers based on demographics, past transactions, deployed email/SMS campaigns or on actions performed by subscribers after receiving messages.

SMS Short Links

Shorten links, save space

Custom shortening domains allow you to save valuable characters in your SMS messages, shortening the link length to a length no longer than 11 characters.

SMS Gateway Integration

Integrate with any SMS gateway

ExpertSender allows for integration with any SMS gateway, both global and local. You can make use of our already existing gateway integrations or integrate with a gateway of your own choice.

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