Marketing automation workflows

Workflow canvas

Automate the customer lifecycle into scenarios with an easy-to-use interface. Drag, drop and interconnect elements on the workflow canvas to setup and execute individual communication paths for your subscribers. Automate the following business scenarios: lead nurturing, customer reactivation, abandoned shopping cart recovery, and more.

Workflow stats

ExpertSender provides comprehensive statistics for each stage of the workflow: the total number of subscribers that have entered, finished and are currently in the workflow, including each of its stages. An overlay on the workflow canvas also gives a graphical representation of all the metrics on a single screen, including key message metrics such as: sent messages, opens, clicks and goals reached.

Start event

This drag & drop workflow element describes subscriber entry conditions for each workflow. Available conditions include the following: opt-in, open, click, goal, scheduled time and custom events triggered through the API.

Send email

The send email drag & drop workflow element allows users to send predefined email messages to subscribers that reached a certain stage of the workflow.

Delay event

This drag & drop workflow element temporarily delays subscribers from advancing to the next stage of the workflow. Each delay can be expressed in the following time intervals (minutes, hours, days, weekdays, weeks, months) or set to a specific time of day, week or month.

Set data event

The set data drag & drop workflow element allows custom fields of each subscriber to be set or changed when a specific stage of the workflow is reached. Examples include: setting a value to a constant (e.g. “Yes”, “True”, “1”) or increasing a customer’s score by a constant (e.g. , “+1”).

Data switch

This drag & drop workflow element can direct subscribers down different paths based on their data. Data rules are based on segmentation definitions.

Winner switch

The winner switch drag & drop workflow element performs a split test on a specified sample group of recipients and allows subscribers to be directed down different paths based on the results of the split test. The winning version can either be selected manually or automatically in a one-off or continuous mode based on the highest open rate, click rate, conversion rate or based on the aggregated goal value.

Distribution switch

This drag & drop workflow element directs fixed proportions of subscribers down (up to 10) different predefined paths (e.g. 5% / 5% / 90%). This is often used for testing different marketing approaches on smaller representative subscriber lists.

End event

The end event drag & drop workflow element marks the end of a scenario for the entire workflow or a particular path.

Optional data fields

Used as unique identifiers, when a single subscriber needs to enter a single workflow more than once. Data fields need to be predefined and more than one can be used within the workflow at the same time.

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