Managing subscribers

Custom fields

Define an unlimited number of custom fields for your subscribers in any format type: number, text, URL, string, currency, yes/no, and other predefined single-select custom fields. All managed by ExpertSender’s relevant features (e.g. merge words, dynamic segments, data exports). The visibility of each field can also be set in the subscriber preference center.

Preference center

Enable a self-managed preference center to encourage your subscribers to manage their email preferences and reduce unsubscribe rates.

Subscriber details

Manage and monitor subscriber details, including all the current values of their properties and your sending history. E.g. deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, complaints.

Relational data tables

Store complex subscriber data within a relational model that would otherwise not fit into regular custom fields (e.g. complete purchase history of each of your customers). This data can be used for segmentation purposes to group subscribers that, for example, purchased products for more than $100 within the last 12 months.

Append gender information

Automatically detect and append gender information to your subscribers based on their first names. We currently process databases of names in 7 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Polish.

Demographic and behavioral data appending

Update subscriber profiles with age, gender, location, interests, shopping behavior, income, marital status and more through our integration with Rapleaf.

Subscriber search

Find groups or individual subscribers using search that’s powered by our powerful segmentation engine.

Browsing subscriber lists

Browse and manage your subscribers with ease (preview custom fields & event history, export data, set custom field values, append demographic data from Rapleaf, detect gender based on the first names of subscribers in 7 languages).

Custom subscriber ID

The Custom subscriber ID makes it easier for our customers to use their internal subscriber ID (e.g. assigned by a CRM) when importing data to ExpertSender. It can be used for retrieving subscriber data from ExpertSender, instead of providing a value for either the email address, or mobile phone number. Together with the Custom subscriber ID comes a matching mode that allows customers to choose an Email, Mobile phone number or Custom subscriber ID as the primary field during a data import into the system.

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