Mailing list management

Subscriber lists

Create an unlimited number of subscriber lists. One subscriber can be assigned to more than one list, while remaining as one entity with a single set of custom preferences within a single Business Unit.

Seed lists

Test messages and monitor deliverability with your own lists of email addresses.


Create and manage your own blacklists and import email addresses to ensure messages are not sent to the excluded recipients.

Imports to lists

Import complete lists of subscribers and their data from CSV, TXT or ZIP files. Choose multiple import types, including: add, update, replace or synchronize file with list. Custom delimiter characters and charsets are supported.

Unsubscribe list

Browse and manage addresses that opted-out and export them to a CSV file.

Single opt-in and Double opt-in

Manage your lists in both the single opt-in and double opt-in signup models, with the ability to create custom confirmation emails.

Suppression lists

Exclude recipients from selected messages by uploading email, domain, and MD5 suppression lists. You can apply an unlimited number of suppression lists to each message. The system is designed to handle suppression lists that contain millions of entries.

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