Customizable API access

Generate custom API keys for your partners and make use of an extensive library of API methods. E.g. An API key that only allows statistics to be downloaded for a particular message or a different key that only permits adding subscribers to a list.

Subscriber list management

Create lists and automatically import entire files or add, update and delete subscribers via our API.

Send and stop messages

Invoke API methods to send and stop messages being sent to selected lists or segments without accessing the user interface.

List of removed subscribers

Retrieve lists of removed subscribers: opt-outs, user unknown bounces, other bounces, or complaints.

Message reports

Retrieve message reports that contain detailed results of your sends.

Click reports

Retrieve detailed click reports for all the links within a particular message.

Data table management

Retrieve, update or delete data from relational data tables via the API.

Suppression files management

Automatically add and remove entries contained in suppression files.

Trigger workflows

Initiate marketing automation scenarios for subscribers by triggering custom events.

Server time

Determine the current time for the selected Business Unit. This is useful when different Units are running in different time zones.

Goal conversions

Mark goals that have been reached as conversions. This is useful for tracking offline events.


The API is a standard HTTP REST based interface that can be accessed from any programming language and across firewalls.

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