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Create smart real-time segments
that’ll grow your revenue

Find the real value of your segments and customer interactions.

Use purchase and behavioral data to create segments of your most valuable customers.

Advanced Customer Segmentation

You’ve got the data, let’s put it to work

Use purchase and behavioral data to create powerful segments around the most valuable customers. Create dynamic segment definitions based on the following:

  • Channel based segmentation
  • Goal based expressions
  • Natural language in expressions
  • Custom fields segmentation expressions
  • Segment operations
  • Logical expressions
  • List segmentation expressions
  • Delivery based segmentation expressions
  • Data tables based segmentation expressions
Segmentation in email marketing for eCommerce
Complete customer profile in email marketing
Complete Customer Profile

Capture & combine cross channel data across sources

Create a customer profile that takes into account their behaviour across web, mobile and email.

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