Leverage your customer data creating
a personalized customer experience

Ensure your customer experience is unique across all your channels.

Use cross channel and behavioural data for compelling customer experiences.

Advanced Segmentation

Target your most valuable customers

Grow revenue by creating highly targeted microsegments based on customer’s viewing habits and purchasing behavior.

Segmentation in email marketing for eCommerce
Product view abandonment email for eCommerce
Personalized Product Recommendations

Send your customers personalized recommendations

Improve your CLV by delivering relevant recommendations that encourage multiple purchases from your customers.

Dynamic Content

Give customers a personalized experience with dynamic content

Increase your relevancy with 1-to-1 communications that leverage a subscriber’s behavioral and demographic attributes. Dynamic code will allow you to customize graphics, messages, offers, and links and help you remain relevant to your customers.

Personalized email campaigns for travel industry
SMS recommendations for eCommerce
SMS Recommendations

Send relevant SMS recommendations

Personalize a customer’s experience with contextual recommendations that leverage customer behavioral data via the SMS channel.

Custom Fields

Customize the customer experience

Send subscribers personalized messages with an unlimited number of custom properties that can be used within the body of an email, subject line, from fields, and preheader. E.g. a subscriber’s name, address, age.

Custom fields in email marketing
Remote content for email marketing
Remote Content

Leverage remote content within your email creatives

Embed content within emails from remote websites. Create content on external websites and services
that automatically populates email templates every time a message is sent.

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