Why You Should Include Multi-Channel Marketing Automation in Your 2020 Strategy

Nowadays, businesses are shifting from an acquisition-centric model to a retention-centric one. It’s no longer profitable for companies to focus all of their efforts on one-time buyers — but how do you properly take care of your already acquired customers?

A multi-channel marketing automation system can help.

Is a Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Platform Right For You?

Before we continue, it would be wise to ask yourself if your communication pathways are disorganized and confusing and if they could use some redesigning and automation. Also, factor in your website traffic — is your site large enough to bring in data on visitor behavior?

Will that data then allow you to target those visitors and personalize your actions toward them using different channels? If the answer is yes, then a multi-channel marketing automation platform is a perfect solution for your eCommerce business!

Below are the top 3 ways that a multi-channel approach can benefit you:

Reason #1: Standing out from the Crowd

Reaching out to potential and existing customers can be challenging as they are busy and are constantly being bombarded with marketing content. Multi-channel marketing automation solutions help to make your message stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of that message reaching your customer at exactly the right time.

Also, your message will be distributed via the channel that your website visitors engage with the most. For some, it will be the classic email.

For others, it will be channels like SMS, and even pop-up and push notifications! The bottom line is — your message will reach your customers on time and it will convince them to buy your products.

Reason #2: Planning for the Long Term

With automated marketing workflows, you can easily plan all of the communication with your customers for the long term, (i.e. design their customer journey).

Based on their preferences, you can segment them into different groups and send them product offers, abandoned cart reminders, and price drop notifications that are in line with their purchase behaviors.

Automating each action will save you time, but it will also help you to make the most of each type of client. It’s true — every client is different but in a way, they all share certain similarities!

Reason #3: Using What You’ve Learnt About Them

Once your message reaches your clients, their decision path is being tracked and measured. Based on the behaviors clients have displayed on your website, a multi-channel marketing automation platform will allow you to observe those behaviors and tweak the customer journey, (defined paths, channels used, timing) as well as create well-suited product recommendations.

As a result, you’ll receive much more engagement from your website visitors — which in turn translates into a larger conversion.


With multi-channel marketing automation, you no longer have to guess what your customers like and what the best way to communicate with them is. You’ll be able to easily discover that information thanks to processing the data you already have! This will help with building up your customer loyalty.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the numbers to see how profitable a multi-channel marketing automation solution is for some of the major eCommerce players.

Also, to learn more on how to be successful with multi-channel communication, check back regularly!

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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