When emails behave like websites

Prediction: Let’s take a step into the future when users will be able to complete eCommerce transactions via the email channel. Signs are that some of the biggest players are already planning to do just that.

In December 2015, Apple filed a patent that indicates they are not only looking at allowing people to send money over their text messaging service, but other services built into their iOS platform, including phone calls, email, and calendar invites.

How advanced are they in their plans? and what some of the other players are doing, only time will tell.

Should they play their cards right, brands empowered with ownership of the customer’s experience via just the email channel could see customer loyalty grow. Customers don’t really care how many channels you offer them, they just want to buy the way they want to buy and communicate the way they want to communicate. They expect a seamless experience and having the ability to complete eCommerce transactions in emails will help with that.

The question is when, rather than if emails will behave like websites.

It’s the most direct way of communicating with your customers in the digital sphere. Without the need of adding the additional step of redirecting customers to your website, you could expect that customers would have less distractions and hurdles in completing transactions.

This could only have a positive impact on sales for businesses. So, when can we expect to have the ability to complete eCommerce transactions via the email channel?

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Marcin Chruszcz
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