What’s Up with Local and Global Blacklisting?

What happens when a subscriber wants to unsubscribe from your list? Why their reasons for unsubscribing are so important and how they will affect you? What should you do when you send an email and get a notification that ‘mailbox doesn’t exist’? Read on to find out! 

Blacklists are emailing lists with addresses that should be excluded from receiving emails at all times. At ExpertSender, we provide two types of blacklists – a local and a global one. When a subscriber marks an email as SPAM, he or she gets into the local blacklist. So, from that moment on, whenever you try to send them an email, it won’t go through. This helps you avoid a mistake of accidentally sending emails to those that don’t want them. And we all know how this may end… You most certainly wouldn’t like to damage your sender’s reputation!  

But what happens when you accidentally try to re-add this subscriber to the list? Luckily, the address will be automatically rejected, so you don’t have to worry about overseeing something.  

And what if there has been a mistake and you need to revive the blacklisted email address? Just go to the tab Subscribers and proceed to Blacklists, where you can revoke the wanted email. Click button delete that’s next to the chosen address. Easy!   

If for some reason you want to add a greater number of emails to the blacklist, type or paste them there or import the specific addresses, domains or even entire families of domains to block (just remember that the file can’t be bigger than 30 MB)! 

Remember! Subscribers who have complained about your email are additionally marked on the platform as ‘Complainant’.  

If you want to re-add such a subscriber to the mailing list, make sure you remove this status. How do you do it? Simply go to the Subscribers tab and the Removed pageIn the Actions column, just next to the email address you want to revoke, , click the Remove complain status button. 

And what about Global Blackists (GCL)? The email lands there when a hard error occurs, for example the mailbox doesn’t exist. But what if you’re sure that the address is correct? There may be two main reasons for this happening:  

  • The address didn’t exist before, yet still another company tried sending a message there via ExpertSender. After some time, the email was activated, however the hard error still occurs despite that.   
  • Corporate addresses have strict security filters and very often there’s no mechanism that would handle a situation when a server is unavailable. So, because of this unavailability, you can receive an information that the mailbox doesn’t exist, even though it’s the fault of the server.  

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remove the address from GCL by yourself, as this option is disabled for security reasons. However, your Account Manager will be more than happy to help you with that. 😊 

We hope you’ve learned more about the purpose of both local and global blacklists and how to get around them! If you have any questions, please write them in the comment section below.  

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
After work: local historian. Double bass enthusiast.
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