Welcome emails generate 33% more engagement

Welcome emails are one of the most effective types of email messages and can generate 4x more opens and 5x more clicks than regular email marketing campaigns. A well designed welcome series can build a long-lasting customer relationship and increase sales and Customer Lifetime Value.

Opportunity – automated incentives via email

Once a customer has signed up with you via your perfect email newsletter registration form, welcome emails mark the beginning of a relationship with a new customer. They allow you to build a positive rapport early in the customer life cycle. They also present you with the opportunity to encourage new customers to purchase products through various types of automated incentives such as discounts, promotions and free shipping.

Subscribers who receive a Welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand.


Types of welcome emails

There are a number of approaches that we can take in developing a welcome email strategy and each of them has its own merit based on your specific line of business or goals.

  1. the welcome email
    This email thanks customers for subscribing and lets them know what they can expect in terms of emails. It’s simple, sincere and makes customers feel appreciated.
  2. the showcase email
    With this type of email, customers are showcased the benefits and features that the company provides.
  3. the offer email
    This is one of the most common welcome emails and gives customers that have signed up various offers while they have their attention. It’s one of the most effective ways you can drive your sales.
  4. the hello email
    Give your email some human touch by engaging with your customer in an informal way and build a longer-term customer relationship.
  5. the shopping cart email
    The goal is clear here; your customer knows that you want them to buy from you. Do this right and it could be your most effective sales email.

Automated welcome email – the offer

We’re going to break down how we can automate one of the most commonly used welcome emails – the offer welcome email or more precisely the offer welcome emails. Customers don’t always behave the way in which we’d like them to, so we’re going to cater for customers who do and don’t respond in different ways.

Automated workflow that sends customers different welcome offer emails based on their behavior.
An automated workflow that sends customers different welcome offer emails based on their behavior.

Subscribers are sent a welcome email right after subscribing (time is of the essence, so the email is sent immediately). After a 4-day delay, lead scoring is applied to the customers who purchased a product from the welcome offer email that we sent them.

For customers that didn’t purchase a product, an offer (an A/B test is run) is sent with either free shipping until the end of the month or a 25% discount that’s valid for 7 days (to create a sense of urgency).

Finally, we have a 7-day delay, applying lead scoring if a customer purchased a product, otherwise the workflow ends.

Start your relationship on a positive note

Welcome emails are a great way to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. They set the tone for what your customers should expect from you and they’re an effective way to build brand engagement and increase sales while you’re still top of mind.

* The welcome email creative used in this article is that of one of our customers Tailor Brands – logo design made simple.

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