Website visitors not converting? Recover lost customers with anonymous email retargeting

Retarget to recover

Up to 95% of website visitors are anonymous and once they’ve left your website there’s no way for you to send them a message. Email retargeting allows you to send behavioral based emails to visitors you don’t have in your subscriber database. More importantly, the most valuable ones – those at the end of your sales funnel!

Problem: visitors leaving your website with no way to contact them

When a visitor leaves your website after browsing different products or adds them to a shopping cart, in most cases, this marks the end of their customer journey.

There are, however, some ways of contacting them if you track visitor behavior, with none of them being as direct as anonymous email retargeting.

Solution: recover website visitors with anonymous email retargeting

Anonymous email retargeting allows website owners (advertisers) to contact anonymous website visitors via publishers (owners of large subscriber lists) from a publisher network. This means that advertisers can contact visitors whose email address they don’t have in their subscriber list via a publisher (if that publisher has the visitor’s email address in their database).

The advertiser and publisher are matched automatically based on price, category and industry with ExpertSender providing quality control on email content before it is sent.

Advertisers can then send anonymous website visitors a series of CAN-SPAM & GDPR compliant behavior-based messages. These messages can include notifications about:

  • abandoned shopping carts
  • abandoned product views
  • abandoned webforms
  • price drops
  • items that are low in stock or back in stock
  • product recommendations based on visitor behaviour
  • mass campaigns sent to segments based on web behaviour
Recover lost customers with anonymous email retargeting
How ExpertSender’s Anonymous Email Retargeting works.

Retarget to recover

With 95% of website visitors being anonymous, email retargeting lets you send behavioral based emails to visitors you don’t have in your subscriber database. This presents you with a great opportunity to recover your most valuable visitors! Retarget to recover and boost your sales!

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