Why is UX so important in Email Marketing? 4 Extraordinary Email Experiences

Have you ever had the experience of purchasing something online that you’ve been totally excited about for the longest time, completed the order, then had a totally underwhelming email experience?

This part of your experience didn’t meet your expectations and your experience with any brand should be consistently awesome across the board – just as Jimi (Hendrix) would have it.

Are You Experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have

Let me prove it to you

Jimi Hendrix

4 Extraordinary email experiences

Here we have four different insights into what can make your customer’s email experience extraordinary. Let’s hand the axe over to the following gentlemen.

UX in Email Design – Nick Babich

Nick begins his insights into UX in Email Design by introducing the Three Circles of Information Architecture where he states that you should strike a unique balance on each project between your business goals, context, user needs, and content.

He then delves into Peter Morville’s facets of the User Experience with the user experience honeycomb and how it relates to email, that is to say, it should be; usable, useful, desirable, findable, valuable, accessible and credible.

Finally, Nick gives you practical tips for Designing Effective Emails on how we can and how me must make a user’s experience an awesome experience.

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7 Marketing Lessons from Eye-Tracking Studies – Gregory Ciotti

Can eye tracking and email marketing be the best of friends?

Gregory tells us why we need to get to the point in under a minute and why we don’t have as much time to capture our audience’s attention as we think.

Once you’ve earned the right to appear in a prospect’s inbox, you’ll need to be sure that you keep that privilege by crafting clear emails that get to the point quickly. As the KISS principle says, Keep it Simple, Stupid.

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How Great UX Can Help Your Email Marketing – Simon Horton

Aren’t UX and Email Marketing quite different from each other?

Simon gets into the fundamentals of how one effects the other and reminds us that customer communication is an intrinsic part of UX and email marketing being one of the most commonly used forms of customer communication means that we cannot afford to ignore it.

He then goes into the UX – email conversion co-relation and how you can improve your UX to enable higher email conversions.

Finally, he puts it over to us and tells us not to hold back and to share our ideas on how to improve conversions via email using good UX.

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How to Improve Email Marketing Using Principles of UX Design – Mihail Savov

If you want to make your email campaigns work, you need to understand that it’s just a part of the entire user experience you want to create for reaching your customers. Furthermore, email is a big driver of traffic and ROI and Mihail let’s us know how we can turn those numbers to our advantage by focusing on principles that define UX design.

Businesses often have a single goal in mind when creating email marketing campaigns and that’s – more business, but Mihail wants us to start with a new mindset and that’s to use email marketing campaigns to help the people.

He gives us great practical examples, with a little dose of humour, on how we can transfer the customer experience your store creates to the personal email communication you have with your subscribers.

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Are you Experienced already?

Hopefully Nick, Gregory, Simon and Mihail have proven to you how important email is as part of your customer’s user experience and you’re now in a position to make it just at extraordinary as all your other points of contact with your customers.

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Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender
Email and marketing geek. Specializes in email deliverability, strategy and design. Basketball and MTB riding enthusiast.
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