3 irresistible strategies to get more newsletter subscriptions

Why is it so difficult for so many marketers to get more newsletter subscriptions?

In our opinion, marketers struggle to get more newsletter subscriptions for 2 main reasons:

  • it is difficult to get meaningful engagement from content that isn’t that engaging
  • creating engaging content or strategy often requires a lot of work, creativity, and resources

The good news is that you can establish a strategy that your potential subscribers will fall in love with.

Before we start, however, you should ensure that it’s easy to sign up for your newsletter. For example, you could:

  • add an opt-in at the end of your articles
  • add an opt-in link to your email signature
  • make a newsletter tab on your Facebook page
  • add an opt-in link to your Twitter bio

You can also get a little creative in getting more people to visit your landing page. Why not add a QR code that links to your subscription page on your business card?

So, what are some creative strategies that could get you more subscribers?

1. Set up an ambassador program to get 100k in 5 months

Sam Perr started a conference for non-technical start-up founders, called The Hustle. He began by sending funny emails to his friends, who would forward it to their friends and so on, and so forth. He saw a tremendous opportunity in email as it freed him from social media algorithm changes and made it possible for him to earn money every time he sent an email.

Sam focused on building his email list and encouraging people to share his emails as his top priority.

The hard part of building a brand is that people have to love it enough to want to share it.

Sam Perr

To achieve his goal, he set in motion an ambassador program that brought him 100k new followers in a little over 5 months. Read all about it in the amazing interview from Really Good Emails.

How can you use it?

Give something exclusive to the customers who refer you to their friends. Send them a unique referral URL, which will track how many of your customer’s friends sign up for your newsletter.

Give your ambassadors special offers, gifts or attractive exclusive content to thank them for supporting you.

2. Create irresistible lead magnets

Lead magnets are offers that you give for free in exchange for an email address. They could be eBooks, case studies, cheat sheets or discounts. This must be something of value that will be irresistible for your potential customers.
For example, each year ExpertSender publishes an Email Marketing Trendbook. Our experts sit down and talk about the most important trends that are expected to dominate email marketing strategies the following year. Check out the Email Marketing Trendbook we created for 2018.
You see what I just did? This is exactly how lead magnets work!

Apart from writing Trendbooks, we collaborate with our customers to write useful case studies that help you further excel in marketing strategy, save time or to transform inactive users into buyers.

3. Get featured in industry newsletters

Your perfect audience is already out there and it’s waiting for your great content.

Find a company, association or blog that has the same type of target audience and see if there is room for a potential partnership. Collaborate!

If they’ll send some of your most valuable content to their mailing list, you’ll gain greater exposure and attract new subscribers.

Here are some things that you should and shouldn’t do because it might potentially scare off new email subscribers and some best practices to keep in mind.


  • Don’t ask for too much information

If you don’t need a name or phone number, don’t ask for it.

  • Don’t create too many steps

If potential subscribers need to go through 3-4 pages to finalize their email subscription, it’s more likely that they won’t complete the subscription process.


  • Create good content regularly

It may sound obvious, but this is the part neglected by some marketers. People won’t engage when there is nothing to engage with.

  • Use responsive design

Over half of emails are read on mobile phones. Make sure your email is easy to read on any device.

Deliver relevant and engaging content and see your subscriber list grow

Grow your newsletter subscriptions by giving your customers highly valuable content. Leverage lead magnets, ambassador programs, industry newsletters and deliver on your promise of relevant and engaging content and you should see your subscriber list grow.

Want more? We have created a 2018 Email Marketing Trendbook. Download it for free!

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