Storytelling in emails can create a customer experience that resonates with your customers

It’s human nature to want to listen to captivating stories. They’re an effective way of engaging and grabbing your audience’s attention. By leveraging storytelling in your emails, you can create a customer experience that’ll keep them loyal.

Stories not only move people, they can also help you move your product or service.

In probably the most known story in history, Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus’s journey back home to Ithaca begins after the end of the ten-year Trojan war. His son Telemachus and wife Penelope are sharing his house with a crowd of boisterous young men, whose aim is to marry Penelope, while eating up his wealth.

Your customers are going to have many suitors across their customer journey who will do everything they can to win them over. Storytelling can be the bow that helps you slay those suitors and one of the arms that’ll help you keep your customers loyal.

Marketers have long known the benefits of brand storytelling and how great they are in getting your point across.

By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be created every second, for each person on earth. Leveraging the colossal amounts of digital data available to create highly visual, engaging and targeted stories will prove to be incredibly potent for brands.

Digital Marketing Institute

Smart marketers who leverage storytelling effectively in their email content are going to create a customer experience that resonates with their customers across their customer journey. Do it right and they’ll stay true with you until the end, just like Penelope did with Odysseus.

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