Step by step to effective email campaign

Whenever I skim-read my twitter feed I see plenty of links to articles about “X best practices…” or “X steps to the best…”. I usually skip reading these as most seem to only repeat the well-known slogans.

However, by working with the clients on their email campaigns I recently realized that these articles are in fact a great resource for summarizing the knowledge on a particular topic. Especially if it’s provided in a visual form of an infographic.

What are the success factors for email campaigns? Follow this check list to never miss an important step in your email marketing execution schedule.



Written by
Dominik Krześlak
Business Development Manager Partner Channel at ExpertSender
Being involved in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years allowed him to get an intimate understanding of customer journey and growth strategies. After work: travel foodie, water sports enthusiast, amateur chef.
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