Powerful Content for Your Next Email Campaign

When you think of email marketing content, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a promotion, a newsletter or a best practice tip. Whatever it is, make sure you’re making the best use of email as a marketing tool.

We know that email marketing remains the most personal type of communication channel when it comes to online advertising. So how can you provide content that is powerful enough to keep your audience engaged and eager to open your emails?

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when you’re producing content that will truly resonate with your audience.

1. Be a storyteller

Today’s consumers are less and less vulnerable to sales promises and they are instead investing in a brand’s story or narrative. By telling your brand story, a recent survey suggests that companies have the potential to increase the value of a service or product by over 20 times.

Be human and connect with your audience in a way that lets them know you understand how they feel, that you know the pain points they are facing and that you’re there to help them. When storytelling in email marketing is done well, it can motivate the audience to step into the experience of the story and help to establish your brand’s purpose and mission.

One way to be a storyteller is to tell stories of other consumers. More than 90% of people trust their peers over traditional advertisements. Customer success stories are a great way to exhibit social proof and build trust, as well as make your brand more human.

2. Be a teacher

When you teach everything you know to your audience, you become a trusted advisor. It shows you are willing and vulnerable, which resonates with people seeking a solution to a problem. Not only is trust built within your audience, authority and credibility is also gained from sharing your knowledge, and your wins and losses.

One way to educate your audience is to test different topics to see what resonates the most with them. For example, one topic could be a most frequently asked question. If some people are asking this question, there are probably more people curious as well. Another way to be a teacher is to share a failure and the process you took to move through it and what you learned from the process. By sharing this type of topic, it brings the brand down to a human level, something that everyone can relate to.

3. Be a reporter

Combine relevant industry news into your emails. Keeping your audience abreast on the latest news is another way to build credibility and authority. Not only does this help to educate your audience, but it also helps you stay relevant among your competitors who may not be talking about certain trends or subjects.

One way to do this is to be a thought leader on a trend in the industry. Whether it’s an opinion piece or simply letting your audience know the latest trends, give them the latest information demonstrates you’re staying up to date with your industry’s landscape.


Your customers will be more receptive when your voice is authentic to your brand and mission in your email marketing efforts. Carry this throughout all your interactions with them and you’ll be in a win-win situation. If you need more email marketing inspirations, you can find some trends in the ExpertSender’s trend book.

About Madrivo

Madrivo is a leading performance marketing network that connects household brands with targeted audiences worldwide. We use lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand awareness strategies to reach consumers through email, mobile, social, push notifications and display media. We promote more than 3,000 global advertisers, affiliates, and direct brands.

Written by
Rebecca Felker
PR & Marketing Manager at Madrivo
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