New ExpertSender Features: Role-based accounts and enhanced opt-out!

The newest version of ExpertSender has been released, with new features designed to give more insight into your campaigns, and make working as a team easier. A new enhanced opt-out will help you gain valuable data about why your subscribers are leaving you, while also providing subscribers the option to ‘snooze’ your email messages. In addition, new role based accounts have been added, so you can customize the access permissions for specific users and create new user accounts at-will.

A new enhanced opt-out mechanism will help you retain more subscribers by giving them the option to snooze messages, or update their subscriber data. Anunsubscribe survey can give you a great insight into why your customers are leaving; obviously very valuable to know if you want to prevent more unsubscribes! With these new options for your customers, you’ll have more control over your program and more knowledge to shape future campaigns.

Before being directed to the unsubscription survey, your subscribers will be given three options. Your subscribers now have the ability to update their data, so if they need to change the spelling of their name or update any other information, this can be accomplished easily by the end user. Subscribers can also choose to snooze their subscription, so emails won’t be sent for however long the subscriber chooses. And finally, subscribers can choose to unsubscribe if none of the other options fit their needs. After choosing to unsubscribe, they are redirected to the survey below:


The survey allows you to gain valuable information about why subscribers are leaving you. In addition to the four radio boxes that your subscriber can choose, they can also write in the information as the fifth choice. These custom answers are saved in the ExpertSender system, which are compiled in a special unsubscription report. These pages can also be further customized by adding your company or product logo to appear at the top of the page. Of course, both of these features are completely optional, so if you prefer to run your campaigns with a simple one-click unsubscribe, that can be easily configured. ExpertSender will soon be publishing some data on the most common unsubscribe reasons, to further expand on the impact of the survey.

Role-based accounts are sure to make managing large, and small team operations easier. When you use ExpertSender, you can now create new users that have access to different features of the platform. For instance, you can create a new account specifically for your email designers, with access to newsletters and message utilities, so they can create, edit, and delete messages, and also reuse message content and message templates. Data security is of the utmost importance, and these new changes will make sure that only the team members you select have access.

We’ve divided access to features up into six separate categories—Newsletters, Automated Messages, Message Utilities, Data, Reports, and Automation & Settings. However, your team isn’t limited to only these options. Within each category are specific actions and features you can edit, so the combinations of privileges are completely customizable. This customization allows you to create special roles, like a user that can create newsletters and automated messages, but can’t complete and send these types of messages to subscribers.

The ExpertSender platform is guided by the needs and wants of our customers. By listening closely, we’ve developed these features to help improve and optimize campaigns. We’re continually adding new features, and polishing the old ones, based on the valuable feedback of our customers.

Written by
Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender
Email and marketing geek. Specializes in email deliverability, strategy and design. Basketball and MTB riding enthusiast.
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