New ExpertSender Feature: Chatbot

We listen to what our clients say – after all, we’ve created our platform for them. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that from now on ExpertSender also allows for automated communication via live chat.

Why Using a Chatbot Is Worth Your While?

As you know, customer’s motivation to make a purchase decreases over time. Therefore, it is important to react as quickly as possible and manage their attention and commitment. Or as the proverb goes: strike while the iron is hot.

What Possibilities Does Our Chatbot Offer?

Our chatbot offers a lot of useful options:

  • It allows you to set predefined automatic replies to common queries, so that customers get information faster and your customer success team doesn’t have to spend time replying to the simplest questions.
  • It allows you to set triggers depending on the user behavior – that is, for each type of action it starts the chat with a different message, giving the impression of speaking to a real person.
  • Provides a CMS to store and manage automated communication and the history of conversations with customers, necessary to fully understand the context of their problem.
  • Option to queue clients and prioritize those who require attention first.
  • It allows you to adjust the chatbot’s graphic design to both your customer’s and brand’s requirements.
  • Allows you to emit a sound signal after starting the chat, so users never miss it.
  • It allows you to send files – this significantly increases the usability of the bot, as some information is presented in e.g. PDF files.
  • Chatbot is also equipped with full traffic analytics: entry time, exit time, session length, etc., so you find out how your potential customers are behaving and you can adjust your actions accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Our Chatbot?

Thanks to our chatbot:

  • You will collect additional data about the behavior and preferences of your potential customers, which will make it easier for you to acquire them and make them loyal to your online store.
  • You will automate their entire customer journey, relieving your sales department.
  • You will combine activities in different channels, increasing their total effectiveness – a client recognized and attracted by a chat can then receive effective incentives, e.g. via web push or email.

What To Do To Try Out the Chatbot?

If you are a customer, contact your Account Manager and (s)he will take care of it for you.

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