Multichannel Marketing Automation eCommerce Report & Best Practices Is Here!

In 2019 we’ve collected A LOT of data about multichannel marketing automation trends and best practices. What did we find out? A third of all emails are being opened on mobile devices and double opt-in is the most effective subscription method!

We’ve collected all the numbers and insights in our Multichannel Marketing Automation eCommerce Report & Best Practices. Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the read!

All numbers in this report are based on our internal data for 2019.

Multichannel Marketing Automation eCommerce Report & Best Practices  

Out of the billions of emails we send  on behalf of our clients in 2019:  

– 96,5% got delivered and 3,9% of them got clicked.  

– 28% Click-to-Open Rate  

– 32,1% of these messages was opened on mobile devices.  

Also, 1,78% of all SMS-es and 2,15% of all web pushes were clicked.  

Effectiveness of Various Email Opt-In Methods:  

1. Double Opt-In (confirmed by the subscriber)

97,29% delivered 28,10% opened 5,48% clicked 0,31% unsubscribed

2. Mixed Opt-In (different opt-in methods combined)

98,08% delivered 18,78% opened 1,75% clicked 0,12% unsubscribed

3. Single Opt-In (no subscriber confirmation)

94,19% delivered 13,78% opened 1,52% clicked 0,27% unsubscribed

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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