Making the Most of Client Data – Your Most Precious Resource

If you aren’t aware of it already, here’s the news: the most precious resource your eCommerce business has is the data on your clients. If you’re looking for ways to sell more and turn more one-time clients into loyal customers, start mining this resource.

Today we’re revisiting some of our 60-second video tips on this particular subject to give you an inspiration. Enjoy!

What Do You Do with All of the Data Collected on Your Clients?

You have tons of data on what your clients buy, when they buy it and how often they do it. So, what do you do with all of the data? Here’s an answer:

Using the Data on Your Customers to Build Their Loyalty

And here’s more on that loyalty part, using the knowledge of their purchasing patterns:

Combining Offline & Online Data for Better Marketing Automation

Remember that you collect a lot of data from different sources, including OFFLINE data. Combining it together is a great way of skyrocketing your marketing automation:

Good luck!

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