Why the ISO 27001 certification is important when choosing your multichannel marketing provider?

In these digital times your data infrastructure may be extremely crucial for your business; from eCommerce web shops to financial institutions – all store customers’ data. More and more regulations come into being to secure individuals’ and organizations’ information. Why is it important at all? The answer is obvious here – to avoid potential danger. When your service provider needs to obtain or store your or your clients’ information, extra caution must be applied. If the data is not correctly secured, your organization is prone to security breaches, theft and fraud, causing an avalanche of legal consequences. ISO 27001 was thought of to prevent just that – mishandling information and lack of data protection.

What is ISO 27001?

It’s an information security standard that helps to maintain all the necessary actions to prevent mishandling data. Businesses which want to reach high-standards of data management and protection aim for achieving ISO 27001 compliance. In order to pass the certification they need to be systematically examined regarding information security risks and must implement forms of risk treatment as well as coherent security controls. To ensure that the organization will comply with the latter one, it also needs to introduce an overarching management process. Generally, each part of data management is extensively overseen.

Why choosing certified service provider is beneficial for you?


First of all, you know that your data is well-taken care of. The data information management is checked and needs to comply with the ISO regulations. Everything needs to work perfectly, not only once for a showtime – there should be no exceptions as the organization is constantly monitored and analyzed with audits and reviews. So, you can trust an ISO certified organization with handling the data.
But what if an incident happen? Those certified providers handle such disruptions usually following provided guidelines. Moreover, they focus on preventing the incidents due to constant improvements of the systems which are required by the certification.

More effective

One of the benefits of the certification is the requirement of minimizing downtime of delivering security measures. It needs to be effective and efficient so, in the long run this can save you money and time as a customer.

Global Rules

If you operate globally, it may be truly beneficial to work with a service provider who fulfills the standards recognized all around the world. It makes your work easier and more transparent.

Certainty of High Standards

If an organization has passed the ISO 27001 certification, it will most likely try to maintain those standards so that the effort put into the audits and preparations pays off. This is truly beneficial for you as you can expect the service provider to be committed to maintaining high level of quality regarding the data information management and constant improvement. The service is checked each year, regarding compliance with the regulations after passing the certification for the first time, so that the continuity of the standards is maintained.

Is your data safe with ExpertSender?

Yes. We are a ISO 27001 certified service provider. We have had the certification for over a year now, and recently we have passed our second ISO audit. As we handle a lot of our customers’ data, we feel the need to keep it safe and sound. With data there comes a great responsibility and so over a year ago we decided to go with the certification. We protect all kinds of information — both digital and non-digital one. Our staff is well trained to do so and only competent people are allowed to handle sensitive data. What’s more, as we are controlled and follow all the set guidelines, we believe that our standards of the information management are of high-quality and we pride ourselves in making information security one of our priorities.

The question arises whether you want to go with a certified or non-certified service provider. Think of this; even if the potential service provider informs you that your data is properly stored, you may not be able to review it or understand how exactly they do that. Regarding long-term cooperation, you won’t be sure if the organization won’t change process of handling information in the future. Also, the competence of people working with your data isn’t certain and checked in any way. And if the standards of handling the information are not globally recognized, it may cause troubles in some areas of your business.

That’s why it’s better to go with a service provider that is recognized by a world widely recognized certification such as ISO 27001. You can be more certain that they will know how to:

  • handle incidents properly,
  • prevent them,
  • manage data in a secure way,
  • properly train employees in this area.

This may save you from a data breach, theft or any other results caused by mishandling the data.

Written by
Faruk Aydin
With over a decade of experience in customer service and business development, he helps marketers boost customer experience and increase revenue across multiple channels.
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