Introducing: ExpertSender’s 60-Second Video Tips

If you’re making your first steps into multichannel marketing automation, we have prepared something to help you out! Introducing ExpertSender’s 60-Second Video Tips. From this week on, we will be presenting 1-minute long videos with quick answers to specific questions. We hope you’ll enjoy them! 

So, without further ado, here’s episode 1: Turning One-Time Buyers into Regular Customers. Enjoy! 

Some clients may not return to your eCommerce store simply because… they have forgotten about you. But fear not! Gaining them back is a fairly simple process. Reach out to them with an email and offer them a discount code. This is going to be particularly effective with clients who have been receptive to discounts in the past. The discount code will re-engage them – they will visit your store, make a purchase, and they will remember the entire experience. But make sure you don’t let them slip away this time. Plan an automated communication workflow to keep them coming back for more. How is that done? We’ll be covering that in our next 60-second tip. It’s coming soon, so stay tuned! 

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
After work: local historian. Double bass enthusiast.
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