Increasing Engagement and Revenue With Triggered Messages

Automated marketing messages are now the norm, with 80% of marketers now utilizing a welcome message. But there is no good reason for automation to end there! With each interaction your subscribers are taking, a chance to connect to with a subscriber in a meaningful way is created. These interactions can be kinetic, with triggered messages being sent whenever a subscriber opens or clicks another message, or logs in to the website for the first time in 3 months. Or these interactions can be more subtle, like a birthday or anniversary message triggered by the customer’s sign up date or date of first purchase.

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Cross-selling or upselling other products are perfect for a trigger message campaign. When starting a trigger campaign for this purpose, it’s very important to make sure that the offer is relevant to the subscriber AND the action the subscriber is taking is relevant to the offer. For many e-commerce shops, this can take place in the user’s shopping cart, where another product is suggested, and then once again after the order has been confirmed, or once the product has been shipped to the customer. With emails like this, a separate trigger chain could be created for users that click on the suggested product, but don’t purchase. The key to finding the perfect opportunity for cross selling and upselling customers will be found through extensive testing.

Another great opportunity for trigger messages to shine is in cases of cart abandonment, or browsing abandonment. Beyond the standard reminder that a user still has items in their cart, some urgency can also be added by reminding a user that their shopping cart is about to expire. Another interesting idea would be to tell a subscriber that an item in their cart has been placed on sale, or incentive the user by telling them that they can save 10% if they finish their order in the next day!

Obviously, revenue driving campaigns will be a priority, but there are many other opportunities to channel subscribers back to a website. A post-purchase survey could be triggered for customers that have purchased a particular item, or interacted with the website in a certain way. Along the same lines, a message could be triggered after a customer purchase prompting the customer to post a review of the product that was ordered, and then again after the review is posted. In addition to a purchase confirmation, a shipping confirmation would most likely be appreciated as well. Trigger messages by nature have higher open rates, which can help improve your IP reputation and inbox placement, so even if subscribers aren’t being driven back to your site, there are still tangible benefits.

The many different opportunities that are created with trigger messages are very valuable. Finding the sweet spot through testing is necessary, because the wants and needs of subscribers will change over time. Accurate and incisive reporting is a must, since there must be a way to drill down on the specifics of a trigger campaign.

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