Improve Your ROI with Double Opt-In!

Did you know that there’s an easy way to improve the response and conversion rates of your emails? That way is using the double opt-in method in the subscription, i.e. subscription verification. It allows for separating those that subscribed to your list by accident or half-heartedly from those are truly interested in what you may offer.  


How Does IWork? 

When you choose to use the double-opt in method, each new subscriber will receive a confirmation email with a link that they need to click to finish the process. Once they do that, all the information they provided in the form is automatically saved in your marketing automation platform. 

Of course, in order to use it, you need to create the confirmation email that will be automatically sent by the platform.  

If you’re worried that this additional step will largely reduce your database, don’t be! Nowadays, the double opt-in is becoming increasingly more popular and users expect an additional confirmation email, so there’s no risk of losing potential subscribers. 


What Are the Benefits of Using the Double Opt-In? 

First, by getting rid of the non-active inboxes you get an accurate overview of your database potential. You know how many subscribers are really interested in what you have to convey. There are no ‘dead souls’ on your list.  

Second, by removing contacts that will never engage with your content, you increase your overall engagement statistics: the advertising acceptance, response and conversion rates. All this translates into an improved ROI. 

Three, having no accidental subscribers on your list will lower the risk on getting your communication marked as spam by the recipients or blacklisted.  

How do we know it? Well, we’ve analyzed our users’ data and we’ve found out that in 2019 alone using the double opt-in method resulted in 28,10% open rate – compared to only 13,78% for the single opt-in. The click rate was also higher – 5,48% compared to 1,52%.  



The double opt-in subscription method is a quick and easy way to create a valid and engaged contact list that is more likely to increase your ROI. If you’re not using this feature, make sure you start today! Need a step-by-step instruction? Go here.  

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
After work: local historian. Double bass enthusiast.
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