How to recover unengaged customers with automated re-engagement emails

Up to 47% of inactive customers read re-engagement emails. A well-designed re-engagement campaign will help you recover them.

Opportunity – improve your chances of re-engaging inactive customers

About 25% of the customers on your email list will become unengaged each year. We can send them well-designed re-engagement emails to get them back onboard, but we can also go a step further and automate a series of re-engagement emails and suppress those customers who no longer wish to engage with your brand.

This will not only save your marketing team significant time, but it’ll also improve your chances of re-engaging customers who have become inactive.

Solution – recovery with automated re-engagement emails

When running an automated re-engagement campaign, you’ll have a trigger that initiates an automated sequence of messages based on your customer’s behavior.

This trigger will be based on your definition of what constitutes an unengaged customer. This could be someone who has clicked or opened a message within the last 180 days or something that’s a little more or less conservative based on the specifics of your industry.

Up to 47% of customers read re-engagement emails. Design them well and you’ll be well on your way in recovering them.

This means that you’ll want to give them at least a few opportunities to recommit to your brand.

In the workflow below, we give our unengaged customers three chances to recommit, finally suppressing them from further communications after our third and final attempt.

An automated re-engagement workflow that sends a chain of Miss you and Welcome back emails based on the customer’s behavior.

Save time, recover customers, decrease spam complaints and deliver more

Automating the process of sending customer re-engagement emails, will not only save you time, but help you recover inactive customers. It’ll also decrease spam complaint rates, and over time it should also improve your deliverability rates. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to win back those customers!

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