How to get your customer to make repeat purchases

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Opportunity: Getting that customer to come back again

Consider the situation where your customer purchases an item or service that only lasts a certain amount of time (a subscription to a website, a membership to a local gym, a domain renewal or maybe some dogfood for man’s best friend). That customer should return to make repeat purchases from you but often they don’t, why is that? It’s common business knowledge that it’s easier to do repeat business with an existing customer than to win a new one over.

According to an Adobe study “Marketers in the United States and Europe must bring in 5 and 7 shoppers, respectively, to equal the revenue of 1 repeat purchaser”

So why don’t you make it easier for your customers to make repeat purchases? And make them a focus of your marketing efforts? They’ve already given you their trust and that’s not easily earned in the online retailing game.

Solution: How to get some more, with a recurring campaign

“The conversion rate of repeat customers is around 4x higher than for new customers” according to Adobe and we’re going to get us some more of those financial rewards by targeting our repeat purchasers.

On today’s menu is Nate’s dog’s favourite dogfood, we’re going to remind him that he needs to purchase some dogfood for his best mate Snoop before the end of the month. We will use an email automation workflow to get best results.

repeat buyer workflow
Workflow: Recurring buyer. Click to open full sized picture.


  1. Nate purchases a 4kg bag of dogfood for his best mate and we’re going to remind him that in three weeks’ time he should buy a new bag (we know that Snoop’s one hungry dog).
  2. We give him three days to make the purchase and if he still hasn’t made the purchase in that time we send him another email “Don’t let your dog go hungry”.
  3. We give him two more days and if he still doesn’t complete the purchase we send an email with a limited one time offer that will give Snoop a stylish new chain to go along with his dogfood.
  4. Each purchase cycle repeats itself after every completed purchase allowing us to increase our sales.

All good things don’t have to come to an end

Have you implemented a recurring email marketing campaign for your repeat purchasers as part of your marketing strategy already? Maybe you should, you’ll convert more often and dogs around the world will love you for it!

Written by
Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender
Email and marketing geek. Specializes in email deliverability, strategy and design. Basketball and MTB riding enthusiast.
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