How to Create a Web Push Notification That Turns Casual Viewers into Customers?

Going multichannel in your marketing communication means using channels other than the standard email, including web push notifications. If you’re not sure what they are and what should they look like, here’s little help 😊 

What Is a Web Push Notification? 

It is a short message that you can send to your online store visitors using their browser – whether they use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Edge. This feature works even after they’ve left your website completely but continue browsing webpages, that is they have their browser still open. 

What Is the Purpose of Sending Web Push Notifications? 

Web push notifications may serve as reminders of an abandoned transaction, information about new offers or flash sale – anything really. The bottom line: they help you keep your users and clients interested in what you offer and ecourage them to take an action. 

How a Web Push Notification Is Built? 

A web push notification contains a title and a description, an icon and a web page URL. If you’re more adventurous, you can add some emojis and big images – but be careful, it’s easy to overdo it and ruin the whole thing. 

How to Make Your Web Push Notifications Engaging?  

There are a few simple rules you need to follow: 

1. Distinctive Graphic 

Use a distinctive graphic that will contrast with a typical website background and catch their attention. Distinctive means not boring but again, don’t overdo it! 

2. Relevant Title 

Make the title of your notification relevant to the actual message – and make it clearly visible. This – and the graphic – are the first things they notice, and you want to catch their attention. 

3. Clear CTA 

You want them to take an action, right? So, include the link to a specific place in your online store or a specific call-to-action. They need to know what you want them to do with your message. 

Some Cool Web Push Notifications Examples 

Don’t just take our word for it. There are many examples of great web push notifications that adhere to the above simple rules. We’ve collected a couple of them as an inspiration for you: 


Properly done, web push notification can do wonders for your ecommerce store. Sticking to the above rules will surely help you get started. 

Good luck! 

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