How to achieve a 26% Click-to-Conversion rate on abandoned webform emails

Webform abandonment can be just as big a problem to businesses as shopping cart abandonment, depending on your line of business. This is often the case with certain industries such as financial services and the banking industry where a completed webform is the penultimate step before a financial transaction, contract or agreement.


Idea Bank wanted to recover customers that abandoned the completion of their term deposit webform.

It’s often an expensive endeavour to get customers to your landing page, and it’s even more costly when they abandon it. Ultimately, this means a lower return on investment and lower sales. Idea Bank wanted to recover some of the 83% of visitors that were abandoning their term deposit application webform.

ExpertSender’s Webform Abandonment module allowed us to recover over a quarter of the clickers from our automated Abandoned Webform Recovery workflow. That means a substantial number of new customers that would have been otherwise lost. We look forward to working with ExpertSender to continue growing our marketing ROI.

Michał Węglewicz
Performance Marketing Team Leader at Idea Bank

Idea Bank employed webform abandonment recovery emails through an automated workflow. These emails were sent to customers whose email address they had in their database after a 60-minute delay.

To learn more about the solution that Idea Bank implemented and how they leveraged abandonment recovery emails and workflows to generate a 26% click-to-conversion rate from these emails, download your free copy of the success story.

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Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender
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