How Much Will Implementing and Using a Multichannel Marketing Automation Platform Cost You?

If you already know the benefits that a multichannel marketing automation platform can bring to your eCommerce store, the only thing left stopping you from implementing one is the cost. Is access to a platform the only expense you need to prepare for? What other costs should you take into consideration?


Marketing automation software operates in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, i.e. on the provider’s servers. No installation or additional hardware is necessary. All you need to be able to use marketing automation software is a computer with an internet connection — and you already have that, right? 😉

The Platform

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to pay to use a multichannel platform, but which one should you go for? To answer that question, you first need to estimate how many contacts you have in your database, the average number of web sessions on your website, and how many communication channels you’re planning to include. Providers will then allow you to select from a variety of plans based on those values.

Please note that most platforms offer discounts for those who buy annual plans rather than monthly ones, and some will also offer more custom solutions than others. Additionally, some providers will give you a demo of their solution for free, so you can make sure it suits you before you pay anything.

Access to External Services

To fully benefit from a multichannel marketing automation platform, you need to use external services, such as SMS gateways. These will be sending SMS communications to your clients in different countries. SMS gateways help you to create different communication scenarios and allow your clients to be involved in an interactive conversation (i.e. make a reservation, redeem a coupon, or order a product from your store, but since this service is provided externally, it is a cost to be considered.)

Your Time and Effort

It’s priceless, we know! Implementation of a multichannel marketing automation platform will require some time and work, but once you set it into motion, it will automate most of your mundane tasks, making your job much more efficient.

So, in the long run, by freeing up your team’s energy and giving you the ability to get more done, you will be actually saving time, effort — and money!


When planning to implement a multichannel marketing automation platform into your communication strategy, take into consideration the above-mentioned costs. Check what you already have as well so you don’t buy a duplicate service.

The bottom line here is this — the added cost isn’t that terrible if you consider the time and energy it is going to save you. And, if you think about the overall sales increase that implementing a multichannel automation platform will bring to your e-commerce, the entire situation becomes a no-brainer!

To see the specific costs of a multichannel marketing automation platform and currently available plans, check out our pricing

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