How Kaspersky Lab Reached 46% OR Thanks to Automated Newsletters

Kaspersky Lab is a leading multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, and we’re very happy to call them our client.  Their email automation is a great case study for those who want to boost their results with little effort.  


Kaspersky Lab regularly sends newsletters with content from their blog. The whole process of preparing text and sending emails was very time-consuming for the marketing department and that’s where our Russian team stepped in and helped introduce a fully automated blog newsletter.  


Our Russian teammates added dynamic content to Kaspersky’s email templates so that the blog content could be automatically downloaded and inserted into a message. What’s more, to make the whole process fully automated, they planned a cyclic sending of newsletters. So, each Wednesday the marketing team sends a blog newsletter, Kaspersky Daily, to their subscribers – not even spending a minute on it. Here’s how it looks:   

And here you can see what the message looks like in our ExpertSender platform. All the inserted information comes from the dynamic content table:  


Just as we all expected, the automated newsletter generated a great open rate (OR)45,81%, and unique click-through rate (CTR): 27,4%!   

Second example  

What’s more, every Thursday subscribers of Kaspersky Lab receive an automated email with current reports on Cybernet dangers – In this case, the results are also impressive, as OR is 43,08% and CTR  18,78%!   

Here’s an example of this automated newsletter:  

Third example 

The last automated newsletter we’d like to mention is an email sent to the subscribers of the Nota Bene blog. It is run by the founder of Kaspersky Lab – Evgeny Kaspersky. In this case, the sending time is not scheduled for specific days but the email lands in the subscriber’s inbox whenever there’s a new blog entry.  

Evgeny Kaspersky gets an average OR of 37,47% and CTR of 17,85%.  

Here’s how the newsletter looks:    


As you can see from these three examples, automated newsletters that include useful blog content can help you forget about manually created newsletters once for all! They can be especially useful for people in charge of blog content and its distribution – even if so far they were unable to send any emails as there has been no time.  

However, if you already send emails to your subscribers manually, you don’t have to be afraid of dropping OR and CTR scores due to full automatization. Your subscribers will still willingly open and click your messages!  

If you have any questions on newsletter automation, please let us know in the comment section.  


Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
After work: local historian. Double bass enthusiast.
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