How Do You Create a CTA Button That Converts?

Creating a great call to action button can really boost up your CTR! As the button is an element of your message that significantly stands out from the copy and your subscribers will notice it first, make sure that it is as engaging as possible! Here are four tips how to do just that:  

1. The Placement 

As your CTA should be visible and catch the attention of your reader, place it just below the text block as that’s where the subscriber usually looks.  

Another way of making sure that the CTA is visible is doubling it. Add it after you use your first set of arguments to convince the viewer to perform the wanted action. And in the second part of the email, use more detailed arguments finished with a second CTA button. Thanks to this, there’s no way the reader will miss it – even when they’re not convinced to click the button at the very beginning!  

2. Make It Clear and Visible 

Make sure your CTA stands out from the copy and can be easily seen. Use the colors that will highlight the action you want the subscribers to perform. But make sure that it is coherent with your brand style. It’s best to use a color that reminds a user of your company or a specific product. A great example of that can be Netflix:  

3. Use the ‘I Statements’ 

A good practice is to change a CTA from an imperative to a first-person statement. So, instead of a simple ‘Sing Up’, use ‘I’m In’ or ‘I’m singing up’.  

When you have a simple CTA like ‘View Your Dashboard’, then change it to ‘View My Dashboard’! It sounds more personal and is less enigmatic than a general version of the button.  

See Crazy Egg example: 

If you have doubts, use A/B testing to measure the conversion rate of different buttons on your subscribers. See if your users will engage more with the first person or the third person CTA.  

4. Make It Exciting and Convincing 

When the text on the CTA doesn’t clearly state that you will get something in return for clicking and just demands an action, it won’t sound very convincing. So, instead of using words such as BuySign UpSubmit, GiveDonateSponsor, use more activating expressions, such as Visit the shop now, Discover new collection, Contact our Experts.   

We hope that  now you’ve got more inspiration on how to improve conversion with your CTA button. Let us know what your best practices are in the comment section below. And remember, the best way to see what works for you and your subscribers is A/B testing!  

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
After work: local historian. Double bass enthusiast.
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