ExpertSender and VTEX powering your customer’s eCommerce journey

Increase customer retention, drive sales with a customer-centric strategy across the customer journey.

Our integration with VTEX’s cloud commerce platform allows eCommerce vendors to connect their store with ExpertSender’s Multichannel Messaging Hub. Customer order data can be automatically synchronized with ExpertSender allowing vendors to send timely and relevant messages across the email, SMS, web push, and mobile push channels.   

Stores running on VTEX can leverage ExpertSender to create dynamic segments, personalize messages, send behavior-based messages, automate retention marketing, and most importantly drive sales!

Combine the power of VTEX’s and ExpertSender’s enterprise-level eCommerce and multichannel messaging platforms to leverage the true power of your customer data.

Some of the customer order data that can be leveraged in your marketing program includes, the order date, order value, product information and purchase frequency. This data can then in turn be used to help you build a complete customer profile and send contextually relevant content in automated scenarios that:

  • onboard firsttime buyers
  • turn one-time buyers into all-time buyers
  • send first purchase anniversary messages
  • prevent customers from leaving to your competitors 
  • re-engage customers that haven’t purchased for N days
  • and more… 

Furthermore, vendors can use this customer data to build the foundation for a customer profile based on RFM segmentation. Knowing the recency, frequency and monetary value of your customer’s orders can help you: 

  1. drive up-sells & cross-sells
  2. improve retention 
  3. increase customer loyalty 
  4. grow revenue 
  5. increase profit margins 

When your customers are close to converting, ExpertSender’s built-in features based on customer’s behavior will help you increase conversions. Make use of abandoned shopping cart recovery, product views, price drop notifications, and product recommendations to do just that. 

Are you leveraging your customer’s order and behavioral data as best you can to increase customer retention and drive sales? Connecting your VTEX store to ExpertSender is as simple as creating an App key and token. ExpertSender will handle the rest and you’ll be boosting your sales in no time!

Written by
Dominik Krześlak
Business Development Manager Partner Channel at ExpertSender
Being involved in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years allowed him to get an intimate understanding of customer journey and growth strategies. After work: travel foodie, water sports enthusiast, amateur chef.
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